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Andrew Hunt
Writer / Director / Cranky Giant

"I cannot sing Jeremy’s praises loud enough when it comes to his work as an editor. He is the perfect collaborator on all fronts. 

His passion for assembling a strong, interesting and dynamic narrative is always first and foremost in his mind. Jeremy’s meticulous on how the narrative unfolds for the viewing audience. He is always tracking the audience experience through the film. 

Secondly, there is no ego when he is in front of the edit. A great editor is one that knows when “not to cut” and that mantra is always on display when Jeremy is constructing the “perfect take” regarding an actor’s performance. 

Third, his pacing and rhythm is always on point and never rushed. 

Fourth, if a scene is not working, Jeremy is the first to speak up, make suggestions and attempt a creative solution to the problem. 

In a nutshell, Jeremy Wanek is not only a savior, storyteller, filmmaker and therapist, but he’s always an incredibly genuine and humble man willing to tackle what ever story’s in front of him. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Mike Hallenbeck
Owner / Operator at Junior Birdman Audio

"Whenever I compose or design sound for one of Jeremy's edits, it's easy for me to forget that I'm watching a constructed narrative. The stories roll by seamlessly, to the point where I'm simply watching a film rather than analyzing cuts or transitions. That's because Jeremy has that rare dual gift of a consummate editor: he's a master technician and a gifted artist at the same time, able to let the emotion of a scene guide its architecture. 

Jeremy balances his mastery of craft with an easygoing personality that makes him a pleasure to be around. It's important to be able to spend long hours with collaborators in this business, and I've seen Jeremy keep his cool (and sense of humor) under the most stressful circumstances. He uses every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Taylor Olson
Founder / Treasurer at Ensomhet Films

"It was a difficult process for me to find an editor that understood my vision for Solitude, but I was fortunate enough to find Jeremy Wanek. Solitude is six different segments, all meant to look and feel completely different, which was a very difficult task for everyone, especially the editor. Jeremy perfected the look and feel of all the segments, some ranging from a 30’s monster movie look to a present day thriller. Jeremy knew exactly how to edit the vastly unique pacing, color, and overall atmosphere of each segment, and I could not be more pleased with the final result."

Kyle Walczak
Coordinator at RSA Films

"I've worked with Jeremy on various freelance projects and a few short films and his dedication to his work is inspiring. He is always thinking about how to make something better and never settles for any less. If you're looking for that person who will give you 100% each and every time, he's your man."

Erich Hall
Audio Production Manager / Marketing Architects

"Straight out of the gate Jeremy impressed me. Not only is he one of the fastest video editors I’ve seen, able to do the work of two or more people, but he has a tireless work ethic, a thirst for continual improvement, he’s dependable, versatile, and yes, very creative."

Scott Peterson
Screenwriter / Producer / iiFilms

"My wife, Diane, and I own a small production in Minnesota. Jeremy Wanek is the Editor and VFX Artist for our first two feature films: The Current, and our new feature, Miles Between Us (still in post-production). Jeremy is outstanding in both fields; a combination of his skill, judgment, work ethic, and eye for detail have earned him a high level of respect in the Twin Cities film community. He is probably one of the best editors/VFX artists in the Twin Cities, and we are blessed to work with him."

Sean Corcoran
Video Editor / Surefootage
Scott Cornell
Enterprise Technical Support Analyst

"Jeremy is supremely skilled! He is meticulous when it comes to his work, and it shows. It stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Anyone who works with Jeremy knows that he is passionate about his work and his work is his passion. A joy to work with and he conducts himself with a professionalism that can be hard to find in his industry. I highly recommend Jeremy Wanek."

Don Dougherty
Creative Strategist at Propaganda Werks

"Jeremy is the definitive man of few words, but he lets his work do the talking. And its work speaks volumes. Because Jeremy is just as comfortable as a DP as editor and motion graphics guy. Jeremy is a guy to keep an eye on. I would not be at all surprised to see his name at Sundance someday. That said, he is not just an indie filmmaker in the making, Jeremy understands that storytelling is primary and that translates to sales if you want to apply his talents to commercial work."

"Jeremy is part of a new generation of digital filmmakers and editors. He is motivated and constantly looking to improve his skills. When we both worked at MA, he was always pushing boundaries and challenging expectations of what a direct response ad should look like. If you want someone to just push buttons, Jeremy is not your guy, but if you want someone who will take your creative to the next level, look no further. I had a great time working side by side with Jeremy and look forward to doing so in the future."

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